Negative Emotions

by Monomate

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Tawa-nabe How the fuck is everyone not constantly dancing to this. Favorite track: Soul Clap (I Bleed Funk).
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The first half of the double album Negative Emotions/Positive Outlook.

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released September 24, 2011




Monomate Portland, Oregon

Once upon a time, I made nintendocore. That quickly became droll, so I decided to insult mashup and pop culture by releasing a sample-heavy double album. These days, I'm working on a noise rock album and an ambient synthy album.

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Track Name: Glory (Ugly Answers)
sweet dreams are made of these
who'd have a mind to disagree
i travel the world and the seven seas
everybody's lookin' for somethin'

i know now that glory has not a place
near my hands nor any man's

i wanna hold 'em like they do in texas please
fold 'em let 'em hit me raise it stay the day with me?
lovegame intuition play the cards the stakes to start?
and after she's been hooked i'll lay the one that's on her heart

oh, i'll get her hot, show her what i got

how'd i end up here to begin with? i don't know
why do i start what i can't finish?
oh please don't barrage me with the questions
to all those ugly answers
my ego's like my stomach, it keeps shitting what i feed it
but maybe i don't wanna finish anything for fear of
never lying in your bed again, oh christ
i'm not that desperate
oh no, oh god, i am.
Track Name: Angry Aeroplane
fuck yeah, i'm getting laid tonight.
fuck yeah, i'll spread her legs tonight

cuz when she opens her mouth she sounds just like white noise
there ain't shit in her brain, she thrives on uppers and boys
but when she moans, oh lord, she cries like she's in pain
like an angry turbine engine in an angrier aeroplane

stereotypical bored rich girl
consumed by her life of excessive overpartying
and maybe drugs. definitely drugs but
here i am, and she's about to fall into my web
she's lookin' for a shoulder to cry on
good thing she's got an ass to grind on

when she opens her mouth, she sounds just like white noise
there ain't shit in her brain, she thrives on uppers and boys
but when she moans, oh lord, she cries like she's in pain
cries in pain when i handle

oh, fuck, the way i make her shake
the way i make her wet
oh, fuck, the way i make her beg for it


angry aeroplane, yeah
Track Name: Big Cock
yeah i'm an LA driver, got a need for speed
i had a heart once, now full of material greed
yeah, i'll rock my strut like i'm the alpha dog
though my cognition is in a london fog
forcefeed me those raw eggs, i'll scale those stairs
i'll shoot the shit with the barflies without a care
i'm the best i've ever been, you'd be wise to buy stock
ego bolstered by the bitches when you've got a big cock

yeah my heart is empty but my stomach's churnin'
boozed the night away, yet still i'm yearnin'
for some real connection past valley girl inflection
doesn't matter if they swoon when i walk in their direction
yeah just make an appearance like a proper scenester
flit eyes at drunk miniskirt queens heard yonder
i'm no party animal, but i'm not just talk
bitches look at you reverently when you've got a big cock
big cock, yeah

this whole song is an ego trip
i care not, yeah
Track Name: It Wasn't Me (Bacchanale Remix)
honey came in now she caught me red-handed
picture this, we were both butt-naked

how you can grant the woman access to ya villa
trepass and a witness when you cling to ya pilla
ya betta watch ya mouth before she turn into a killa
best for you and the situation to not call the gleana
to be a true playa have to know how to play
if she say you're night, convince her say you're day
never admit to a word that she say
and if she claim, ya tell her baby no way

but she caught me on the counter (it wasn't me)
saw me bangin' on the sofa (it wasn't me)
i even had her in the shower (it wasn't me)
she even caught me on camera (it wasn't me)

she saw the marks on my shoulder (it wasn't me)
heard the words that i told her (it wasn't me)
heard the screams gettin' louder (it wasn't me)
she stayed until it was over (it wasn't me)

honey came in and she caught me red-handed
creeping with the girl next door
picture this, we were both butt-naked
bangin' on the bathroom floor
how could i forget that i had given her an extra key
all this time she was standing there
she never took her eyes off me

(you made her catch you?)

make sure she knows it's not you and lead her on the right prefix
whenever you see her make the gigolo flex
as funny as it be by you it's not that complex
seeing is believing so you betta change your specs
you know she not gonna be worrying 'bout things from the past
hardly recollecting and she'll go to noontime mass
wait for your answer go over there
but if she pack a gun you know you better run fast

wanna tell her that i'm sorry for the pain that i've caused
i've been listening to your reasoning it makes no sense at all
we should tell her that i'm sorry for the pain that i've caused
you may think that you're a player but you're completely lost
that's why i say

(chorus) x 2
Track Name: Happiness Is Sex (With Eleanor Rigby)
oh, look at all the lonely people
she's not a girl that i miss much

lay where you're laying
don't make a sound
i know they're watching
all the commotion
the kiddie-like play
has people talkin'
they're talkin'


yeah, this sex is on fire
with what's just transpired

(chorus) x 2
Track Name: The Ballad of Danny Dinorawrrr
i'm really sorry about trolling you like hell, man
sorry about that, sorry about that man (the internet)
yeah... i kinda deserve all the shit i get

i'm never gonna get any fans, that are like, you know,
the kind of fans you get, like, you know...
intelligent... you know

yes i'm canadian, but i don't give a shit
(wow, peet, very mature)

david, he was all like,
"i'm gonna go down to chiliwack and get my chili wacked"
hur hur hur hur (are you joking?) (wait, what?)
i don't go "aboot." i'm not like "ABOOT?!"
i'm going to go live in my igloo


i'm redeemed? WHAT THE FUCK
every single thing i say makes everything worse, dude
(wow, peet, very mature)
every single thing i say makes everything worse, dude
good job gettin' trolled... say bye.
Track Name: Dysphoria
the prettiest faces belong to the biggest mouths
and the beautiful minds fail to see the light of day
all the strongest personalities formed for a reason
all the cool kids never had to stray
is a pretty face and something to say too much to ask?
do i reach too far in wanting some intellectual depth?
do i drain your youthful zest with my bitter wit and reason?
can you blindside me like everyone else?

nothing's quite like the element of surprise
down a road paved with good intentions
justify, pander, apologize all you want
i refuse to give in to obsession

my outlook has never been so clear
but my head's completely jammed with shit
luckily i'm aware it's a double-edged sword
and you're bearing the brunt of it
Track Name: Mazatechnicolor
life, or its resemblance, perpetual disconnect
mind apt to inflect, my futile effort to dissect
the very fiber of being, fleeing these futile systems
the futile drive to keep our species alive
a two-dimensional reminder of intrinsic humanity
but man, it seems like my relation to the world is just that
what the simple, seemingly dyslexic dismiss as weird stuff
is merely complexity beyond monosyllabic fluff

i'm going down
i'm ready to let it go

(i'm goin' down down baby
yo street in a range rover
street sweeper baby, cocked ready to let it go
shimmy shimmy cocoa what, listen to it pound
light it up and take a puff, pass it to me now)
Track Name: Beauty Is Death
destroy me, i want you to
death wears the prettiest guise
your eyes gleam clairvoyant blue
in them, both rapture and my latent demise

each breath hints at polar extremes
ruin me, reduce me, i'd love to see you try
your very being, the fabric of dreams
my sweet succubus, suck me dry

i'll conquer your futile walls
i'm just as lost as you
let's brace ourselves for the inevitable fall
let's make our wildest insecurities come true

we beautiful children never grew
my fatal crush draws me ever closer to you
our entangled lives' flag has yet to unfurl
but we both can't rule the world, no.
Track Name: You're No Artist (You're A Piss-Poor Pastiche Of An Antiquated Aesthetic)
oh, to find raw melody amidst such hateful noise
is not as esoteric of a concept as most pop would have you think
i issue an open challenge to all of my cookie-cutter contemporaries, so tell me:

where the fuck is your will to be weird?

write a song that doesn't suck off pachebel
write an album that's not carried by its singles
craft an image that's not an easy sell
so tell me, where the fuck is your will to be weird?