Positive Outlook

by Monomate

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Tawa-nabe the most touching song, ever. let the beauty wane across you and etch away your troubles. let the goose flesh embroil you. Favorite track: MDMA.
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The second half of the double album Negative Emotions/Positive Outlook.

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released September 24, 2011




Monomate Portland, Oregon

Once upon a time, I made nintendocore. That quickly became droll, so I decided to insult mashup and pop culture by releasing a sample-heavy double album. These days, I'm working on a noise rock album and an ambient synthy album.

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Track Name: MDMA
if you're not the one
then why does my soul feel glad today?
if you're not the one
then why does my hand fit yours this way?
if you're not the one
then why does your heart return my call?
if you're the the one
would i have the strength to stand at all?

i'm your biggest fan, i'll follow you until you love me
baby, there's no other superstar you know that i'll be
promise i'll be kind
but i won't stop until that girl is mine
baby, are we famous
chase me down until you love me

if i don't need you
then why am i crying on my bed?
if i don't need you
then why does your name resound in my head?
i know why you're so far away
but i know that this much is true
and i wish that you could be the one i die with

Track Name: Hazy Holidayz (In A Heavy Daze)
once bitten, and twice shy
i keep my distance, but you still turn my eye
tell me baby, do you recognize me
well, it's been a year, it wouldn't surprise me

merry christmas, i wrapped it up and sent it
sealed it with a kiss, said i love you and meant it
now i know what i fool i've been
but if you kiss me once, i'm sure you'd fool me again
Track Name: This Song Is A Guilty Pleasure (And So Are You)
girl, i adore your every curve
and i want to make you mine
but that's not realistic, that's not important
i'm content with tonight
Track Name: Ragged Summer
go on, just say it
well, i'll just say it
i need you defenseless, dependent, and alone

even in a lie
as the woman of the woods came by
to give to you the word of the old man

you said all the words are your worst impression
my best side was your worst invention
can't you live without the attention
can't you live?
Track Name: LA OG (Cannabliss)
just another day in cannabinoid haze
that gradual wakeup
haven't eaten for days, or so it feels
still isn't a big deal to make a meal
with light herbal overtones to further the chill
you walk a block away, my favorite kind of shop
my medi-budtenders reaching for the top shelf
a stacked wealth, some sticky hairy mountains
that'll make you lost in thoughts at some cost
that's why LA loves it lots

gleaming green crosses on every corner
this is why the real OG's love california
whether it's echo park or hollywood or even silverlake
in mecca, you're a masochist to not partake

venice beach crusties even scrapin' up cash
tryna score some of that boardwalk hash
prop 19 failed us now but there's always medical
to live drug-free in LA? fuckin' nonsensical
got mental homies in downey smokin' low-key
got loz feliz scenieweenies livin' spiritually
hollywood musicians lookin' freaky spun
faded angelinos harmonious under a smilin' sun


i'm in a state of bliss from some cannabis

(chorus) x 2
Track Name: Bleepy Bloopy Buzzband (
oh alice, we're worried 'bout you
jack's not treating you too well
mascara drippin' down like an 80's goth clown
like siouxsie stuck in trite electro hell
no doubt, you've become an icon
but that's no distinction reserved for just you
you're a fine enough vapid stage puppet i guess
don't need respect to want to ravage you whole

you can fuck me, alice glass
but fuck your mediocre band

ethan katz, you should be ashamed of yourself
you've put your integrity on the shelf
surely you'll not endanger your mental health
pale primadonna lacks the nerve to take care of her self

alice sure as hell ain't producing this shit
so why get overly enamored with it?
not to say that you're oblivious to shame
but why does every fuckin' song you have sound the same?

(chorus) x 2
you and that luscious, pale, anemic scenester ass
Track Name: Luxanova
ever drain away every fuckin' emotional asset you might've ever had
into that endearing wreck of a broad who drags you into her fucked up consciousness
two wasted years and only visible age to show
and the never-ending IOU
oh, fuck. get out of my life.

it's obvious we've both moved on
can't say i miss you much
but still somehow i care about you
buried underneath miles of resent and such
i no longer crave your chemistry
all that's really left is lust
friendship is gonna be impossible if i'm near you
our distance is a must
your faux-wit's lost its charm, my dear
the meme-spouting's contrived
and all truth be told, when i look back
i'm struck with the question: why?
no doubt my eyes should wander
circa when you lost your luster
i deserve a go-getter girl
and a lifestyle, while you just barely muster getting by

i deserve so much more
false hope is all you were good for
you won't bring me down
nor burden my life anymore

hold up, let's put this shit in perspective now.

the question's not whether i love you or not
but more along the lines of retaining my sanity
and let's not forget the weight of my own integrity i bear
i'll not gloss over my inherent vanity
there's no emotion you've not made me feel
the simple truths you birth so nonchalant, but realistically
what i need is a bourgeois broken soul more akin to myself, a blunt savant
i've finally reached that inglorious mountaintop
and weathered the reaming realization:
you've a kind heart, of that i'm sure
but it's more what lies underneath an exterior so demure
the question is not how much you mean to me now
or how much you did way back when
you'll always hold a place in my heart
but you're just a pretty puzzle piece, you'll never fit in the end

(chorus) x 2
Track Name: Euphoria II
i wanna know everything
i wanna be everywhere
i wanna fuck everyone in the world
i wanna do something that matters

i want something else
to get me through this semi-charmed kinda life, baby
i want something else
not listening when you say goodbye

(who is that girl i see
staring straight back at me
why is my reflection someone i don't know
somehow i cannot hide
who i am, though i've tried
when will my reflection show who i am inside?)

like your moves that i can't predict
like your love that i can't resist
the ting-a-lin' feelin' was oh so mutual
the lingering appeal, so unusual
herbally, what is medicine
to a lone soul could become poison to some
with the whole body fast asleep out cold
true visions come to the eye
take hold of a prophet in me, most visibly
i see clear when the world doesn't show it to me
it's so hard to make sense in a cycle of billing
tryna find a reason to quit, make a killing i admit
our dealings are painful
like a star-crossed child staring down from the ceiling
how far can we stretch the picture
before pixelating the human texture?

Track Name: Metallic Sheep Nap (80s Erotica Remix)
sleeping in, take a nap
made of metal, endless lifespan
don't be sad, don't freak out
you will be here forever
Track Name: Positive Outlook
it's all about the song in my head
the one where the audience is all dead

please excuse me but i've got to ask:
are you only being nice because you want something?
my fairy-tale hieroglyphics
be careful of how you respond
because you'd not (want it all shade?)


you're like a kitten with a ball of yarn
and it's doing me in, doing me in
the more you try to erase me
(the more that i can, oh, the more)
the more that you appear
Track Name: Fragile, Fuzzy, Clouded Contentment
(all right, all ready, we'll all float on
oh don't you worry,
even if things end a bit too heavy
we'll all float on)

i, miss world
somebody kill me
kill me, pills
no one cares, my friends
Track Name: Cosmic Embryo/I Wear The Biggest Smile
oh, i never meant to brag

i'm in the business of misery
let's take it from the top
she's got a body like an hourglass
it's tickin' like a clock
it's a matter of time before we all run out
when i thought he was mine, she caught him by the mouth
i waited eight long months, she finally set him free
i told him i couldn't lie, he was the only one for me
two weeks until we caught fire
she's got it out for me, i wear the biggest smile

oh, i never meant to brag
but i got just what i wanted now
and god, does it feel so good
just to take it all away from you now
you would if you knew you could

second chances they don't ever matter
people never change
once a whore you're nothing more
i'm sorry that'll never change
and about forgiveness, we're both supposed to have exchanged
i'm sorry honey but i'll pass now, now look this way
oh there's a million other girls that do it just like you
looking as innocent as possible just to get to who they want
and what they want it's easy if you do it right
well i refuse

(chorus) x 2
Track Name: By The Psychedelic Sea
(you were a witch with your short hair)

ooh, mr. todd, i'm so happy, i could eat you up, i really could
you know what i'd like to do, mr. todd? what i've dreamed?
if the business is as good

by the sea, don't you love the weather
by the sea, we'll grow old together
by the seaside, what a beautiful sea

think how snug it'll be underneath the flannel
when it's just you and me in the english channel
in a cozy retreat, kettle-knit and tidy
we'll have chums over every friday
by the sea, mr. todd, that's the life i'll covet
by the sea, mr. todd, i know you'd love it
you and me, mr. t, we could be alone
in a house what we'd almost own, down by the sea

(chorus) x 2
Track Name: Rainbows And Earthworms/Happy Aeroplane (Bonus Track)
i don't want to live through winter
i can't stand to see everything ending
i'll be in the meadow
i'll be taken by sunbeams, so goodbye

there isn't much a thing i need
a silent soul and the blood i bleed
and with a little girl, and by my spouse
who only wants a proper house

while you are away
my heart comes undone
slowly unravels
in a ball of yarn
devil collects it, with a grin
our love, in a ball of yarn
never returning, when you come back
we'll have to make new love
and carefully

(chorus) x 2

oh yeah, we're having fun tonight
oh yeah, i'll hold her hand tonight

cuz when she opens her mouth
she's got the prettiest smile
no good man in her life for quite a while
but when she laughs, oh my, i see right through her pain
devoutly roman catholic but i can't even complain

stereotypical wholesome girl
consumed by her life of higher education
and social tact. definitely tact, and
here i am and she's about to fall in love with me
she's looking for a shoulder to cry on
and i'm more than willing to comply


tears of joy from my comfort

oh, yeah. the way i treat her right
the way i'm chivalrous
my compliments that make her blush
oh, yeah. the way i make her fawn over me.